About Thrust 1 :

Led by Dr. Dongmei Dong, a team of electrical engineering graduate students at FIU are working on:

  • Electrochromic solid films and ultra-thin devices for smart window applications and energy savings
  • Proton exchange membrane fuel cells for clean energy storage and conversions and diagnostics microsensor developments
  • Electro-chemo nanomechanical effects and deformation at the interface, towards addressing renewable energy fundamental challenges.

The ongoing research activities are creative and interdisciplinary due to the synergy between electrochemistry, quantitative sensor developments and focused questions related to energy developments, which are critically missing to date.

Goals : 

The goal of this research is: To understand and manipulate charge transfer and associated nanomechanical effects at the surface and interface and use the fundamentals to:

  1. Enhance the performance and durability of renewable energy materials/devices, and
  2. For synergetic diagnosis sensing applications.
Dr. Dongmei Dong

Dr. Dongmei Dong

Research Scientist at FIU

Dr. Dong is a principal investigator leading several cutting-edge research efforts at FIU. Most notably, she is working to develop a PEM Fuel Cell membrane diagnostics tool funded by the M2FCT Consortium, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Thrust 1 Projects :

Dual-functional pseudocapacitive charge storage and electrochromic nanomaterials.

Microsensors as a diagnostic tool for monitoring fuel cell degradation.

Nanomechanical breathing at the electrode-electrolyte interface.